Conscious Promotions

Conscious Promotions

Gifts That Give Back: Working Sustainability Into Marketing Campaigns

Corporate Brands are fast becoming a driving force behind sustainable practices & promoting environmental consciousness.

When your brand displays support and compassion for the environment you consequently show the same for your consumers.

Consumers are more aware of the carbon footprint left behind as a result of their purchasing habits!

Thus, there has been a push for a shift in materials, increase in social impact campaigns, and desire for sustainability in the production of items we are consuming. The desire for a more sustainable society translates directly into the production of promotional materials and branded merchandise companies are investing marketing budgets into.

So here at VM we’re contributing to create conscious promotions, by choosing the right materials, which is an essential part of our strategy. Whenever possible, and whilst focusing upon functionality and quality, our collection is becoming, where relevant, gradually upgraded or substituted with newer and more sustainable materials!

This means selecting high quality materials that are recycled or lend themselves to recycling, materials derived from renewable sources and ethically sourced. The centrepiece of this is supporting our suppliers in implementing innovative processes to produce more sustainable materials.

So when corporate organisations begin to invest in more sustainable promotional merchandise, it promotes your brand’s stance on supporting the environmental movement, but also allows the recipients of these items to incorporate sustainable habits into their everyday lifestyles. It’s a win, win.

The silver lining? Since these products are durable, reusable, and functional in their design, the life cycle of your branded merchandise consequently increases.  As sustainable promotional products do not get thrown away but rather are meant for continued use and as a result continued engagement and increased connectivity with your brand and your company.

Part of creating a great brand presence is about creating a sense of community and connection with consumers. What better way to do so than by appealing to the one thing we have in common: we are all humans sharing the planet Earth as our home. Hence “this is our world” campaign by VM encompasses all this.

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