Personality Pens! Introducing The Brand New DNA Identity Pen.

Personality Pens! Introducing The Brand New DNA Identity Pen.

The DNA Identity Pen is more an open concept than a finished writing instrument: a creative space, where you can assemble your writing instrument from a broad range of options.  This is what makes the DNA Identity Pen so unique. As unique as your brand.

The New High Quality DNA Swiss Made Pen is made to perfection and encompasses 4 modules (e.g. A + B + C + D) of various sizes, materials, surfaces and colours, which you can arrange in any order you wish.  Taking Mix ‘n’ Match to a whole new level altogether in customisation.  One pen, with endless possibilities.

Internationally award-winning design, outstanding writing technology and wide-ranging personalisation options make Vanilla Merchandising’s writing instruments personalisable brand ambassadors.

Sustainable and socially responsible, these beautiful pens are produced in Switzerland from cap to tip.

Design tells a story. Good design tells a story of care and attention in the function and creativity that runs through it.  That is why we believe good design is always the best way to start a good story.  The same goes for excellent refill technology in our pens.  The combination of effective refills and strong form creates pens which are ideally equipped to work as credible brand ambassadors for your company.

Every ballpoint pen already exudes this outstanding quality before being personalised. This ensures that the identity of a brand is communicated sustainably.  Brand values and the experience of writing are harmonised, resulting in a tangible brand experience. 

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