Retangle Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Retangle Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Retangle Floor Decal Sticker Outdoor Or Indoor Use. These decals could support your team and help to ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to at all times.


In the current situation keeping your team members safe and working is paramount. We have designed a selection of Social Distancing Stickers to ensure the message gets across and reminds your team and the general public to stay at least 1.5metres apart at all times. Full colour floor stickers to encourage social distancing and indicate spacing distance between people standing in queues at purchase checkouts, banks etc.

Printed on durable material to withstand foot traffic.

Mix and match any size with any design.

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Product Size

150x34cm, 200x42cm


#12, #13, #14


Full Colour Decal



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