Choose the right colour for your brand.

Choose the right colour for your brand.

There is no better way to inspire your customers or staff than by offering them a colourful product collection that looks fresh, spirited and allows you to service your clientele within your market sector and enhance your corporate identity. 

A colourful item stands out, it increases the visibility of your logo and enhances brand awareness to the target audience.  So what better way to incorporate all this then by yourChoice customised bespoke merchandise by Vanilla. 

Product specifically personalised just for you and tailored to your unique corporate brand and target market.  Producing the perfect gift to convey your message. 

We further offer a simple five step process to ensure that you get the most impact every time.  Click Here to receive our FREE 5 Step Process To Make Your Giveaway Pop With Success.

We’ve got so many great ideas to get the balling rolling, and to get the creative juices flowing, and it all starts with a conversation.  So call us on 1300 887 100 or email

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