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Name:  Double CD Case

Code:  FSP-576

Description:  Double CD case made from koskin look-leather material.

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Name:  Dynamo Torch

Code:  FSP-D759

Description:  Simply turn the handle to charge the inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Handle folds away after use. 5 super-bright white LED globes. Select 1, 3 or 5 globes.

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Name:  Health & Fitness Pack

Code:  FSP-D326

Description:  Health & Fitness Pack. 'Crunch Time' book by Michelle Bridges. Backpack, white sports towel, X-Stream Drink Bottle.

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Name:  Milano Executive Computer Bag

Code:  FSP-9041

Description:  Manufactured in 1680D woven polyester and trimmed with soft Vaqueta leather, padded laptop section.

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Name:  Milano Over Nighter

Code:  FSP-9040

Description:  Manufactured in 1680D woven polyester and trimmed with soft Vaqueta leather, separate shoe compartment.

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Name:  Milano Travel Wallet

Code:  FSP-9043

Description:  Made from 1680D woven polyester trimmed with soft Vaqueta leather. This passport holder has external badge suitable for laser engraving.

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Name:  Morrissey Black Pen & Top Grain Case

Code:  FSP-BR655

Description:  Morrissey Pen and Pen Case Set consisting of a Silver, metal Morrissey pen with chrome fittings, and Morrissey Top-Grain Black Zippered Pen Case.

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Name:  Morrissey Silver Pen & Croc Look Case

Code:  FSP-BR656

Description:  Silver, sleek metal Morrissey pen with silver chrome fittings and clip and a stylish black croc-skin look zippered case.

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Name:  Morrissey Top Grain Compendium

Code:  FSP-BR700

Description:  Black, top-grain leather zippered Morrissey compendium with notebook, iphone holder, and business card holders.

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Name:  Nova CD Wallet

Code:  FSP-575

Description:  Made from the highest quality PU for a soft leather feel. Innovative design that includes a satin chrome badge, mesh pockets for easy visibility.

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