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Name:  Echo Recycled Frisbee

Code:  FSP-LL9138s ECHO

Description:  Price includes black or white print only on assorted recycled Echo Flyers. Join the recycling revolution and create your own powerful copy. All our frequent flyers are proudly Made in Australia.

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Name:  Econo Frisbee

Code:  FSP-SR0801

Description:  220mmD Round Plastic Frisbee.

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Name:  Mini Frisbee

Code:  FSP-SR0820

Description:  Mini Frisbee Plastic Frisbee. 230 per carton, bulk packed.

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Name:  Soft Flyer

Code:  FSP-G335

Description:  Made from PVC these soft frisbees have a weighted lining and are heaps of fun!

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Name:  Translucent Firsbee

Code:  FSP-TransFrisbee

Description:  Australian made Translucent Frisbees. Available in standard colours.

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Name:  UV Reactive Frisbee

Code:  FSP-UVReactiveFRIS

Description:  UV Reactive Transparent Frisbee. Australian made frisbees available in 2 changing colours.

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Name:  White Frquent Flyer

Code:  FSP-LL9138s

Description:  Made in Australia.

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Pricing and product availability is subject to change without notice.
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