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Name:  Apple Wedger

Code:  FSP-CH5113

Description:  18/8 S/S blades and Food safe plastic Handles.

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Name:  Banana Case

Code:  FSP-CH5124

Description:  Food safe platsic banana case. Plastic clip lock case with fork.

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Name:  Cheese Board & Knife Set

Code:  FSP-D573

Description:  Beautifully packaged set with the cheese board recessed into the lid and accompanied by 4 cheese knives.

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Name:  Cheese Board Set

Code:  FSP-1402

Description:  This laminated wooden cheese board comes with 3 stainless steel cheese slicing utensils.

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Name:  Cheese Grater Rotary

Code:  FSP-CH5121

Description:  Food safe platic construction, 18/8 S/S dums.

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Name:  Electric Filter Coffee Maker

Code:  FSP-G441

Description:  Why leave your desk for a coffee? This compact 240v filter coffee maker makes superb coffee and comes complete with 2 ceramic mugs.

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Name:  Electric Water Cooler

Code:  FSP-G362

Description:  Holds 6 litres of water with a filter and 240v unit to ensure cooler water is dispensed.

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Name:  Gourmet Pizza Set

Code:  FSP-G547

Description:  Solid wooden base and 2 tools; pizza cutter and turner.

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Name:  Large Salad Spinner

Code:  FSP-CH5123

Description:  Food safe plastic large salad spinner. Bowl, basket and lid with spinning knob, locking clips and pouring hole.

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Name:  Mini Grater

Code:  FSP-CH5100

Description:  18/8 Stainless steel, polished. Stinless steel, 4 sided mini grater with handle.

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Showing 1 – 10 of 19